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Financial learning platform

The Hack-A-Tech 2022 is a 3-Day Hackathon organised by Jewel Digital Ventures in collaboration with Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB). Participants need to come up with innovative and disruptive Fintech ideas to solve critical problem statements that could help mass Malaysians.

UI/UX Designer


Build platform that people trust to start learning & get advice on financial & investment

Problem Statement

How might we educate users on the available investment types and products so as to enable and empower them to start their investment journey?


Platform that people trust to start learning & get advice on financial & investment


How it Works

Choose either to be Student or Financial Advisor

For student there will series of question to understand their level of financial literacy

Based on their feedback we will suggest course that suit level of their financial understanding

User can enrol course they like or workshop that organised by ASNB

They can finish the course at their pace

The learning can be in form of video, article or case study from what happened in Malaysia. In every Chapter there will be quizzes to measure their understanding.

Their data input will our analytics to structure better course in the future

Other than course they can talk to licensed financial advice in regard of they financial matter or investment.

They can book a session according to the date, time and topic they want to discuss with Financial advisor

In retrospect


Working on this project really get me through the reality of financial literacy in Malaysia. Malaysian with less than RM1000 savings is more than 25%. After running interviews with the target group (25-40), they easily fall into money games like forex and unauthorised investment. These are the main reason centralised learning platforms were chosen as the main solutions.

Moreover, I believe that the use of hypothesis, user interview and statistics are the main factor where centralised and safe financial learning environments can help beginners to have intentional investment instead of accidental invesment.